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Luoma Lake Scenic region

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Location: Suqian
Address: Suqian, Jiangsu, China
Fee: Free entry
Operation: Travel agencies are available. For boat renting, contact local travel agency.


Lake Luoma is situated in Jiangsu Province of the Southeastern China, nearby Suqian City. The lake occupies 375 km2 and is one of the four major freshwater lakes in Jiangsu Province. The lake is connected to the Grand Canal.

The lake with its surrounding area is an excellent place for traveling and it has been chosen as one of tourist attractions in the Suqian City.

It is said that the name of the lake was derived from its outline, resembling the shape of a horse’s backbone and some believed that supernatural power formed the lake.

Due to consistent environment protection, the water quality and ecological condition of the lake remains well and the lake water is quite clean. The Lake Luoma Modern Ecology-agriculture Science and Tech Garden was established to monitor and maintain the water quality.

Beautiful water and natural water scenes give you a great experience.

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Luoma Lake Scenic region
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